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Learn to Windsurf at Demon-Dayz

Wind-surfing is the mainstay of our club and we have equipment available for sailors of all abilities. For those new to the sport we recommend an initial lesson of 1 hour and thereafter you will be given casual advice on the correct techniques as you progress.

Our kit has been carefully chosen to get you off to the best possible start, progress quickly and ultimately challenge the other guys in the friendly ad-hoc races that occur on the water. We draw our gear from most of the quality board brands such as JP Australia, Starboard, Naish and Exocet with sails from Neil Pryde, North Sails, Naish, Severne and Gaastra and are in the process of replacing all of our current sails with Point-7 Sails

Tau, our windsurfing instructor, has been teaching for around 15 years and has been achieving outstanding results in slalom competitions. He has an easy teaching manner and will have you up and going in no time.

We have limited storage space but you are welcome to leave your own kit for short periods of time by prior arrangement.

If you have any particular requirements and are planning a holiday around windsurfing please let us know in advance and we will ensure that we have equipment available closely matched to your needs.

Demon-Dayz is proud to be a member of the Windsurf Association of Thailand (WATH).

We are pleased to offer customers a NACRA Sirocco, Hobie Wave and a Hobie Getaway. All boats are well maintained and thoroughly checked every day before going on the water.

The Wave was delivered to us new in December ’10 and the Sirocco was kitted out with a new sail during February ’11. These boats are designed to be fun, simple to sail and can carry three crew with ease.

Our Getaway is the latest addition to the fleet and can be sailed with a crew of between 1 and 6 people. This boat is the only one of its type available for rental in the area.

We also have two Hobie Adventure Island sailing kayaks which are fitted with outriggers for stability and can be sailed, paddled or pedaled using the Hobie Mirage drive. These versatile craft can be put to a multitude of uses and have an impressive turn of speed under sail.

A skipper can be supplied to give instruction or simply to sail the boat for you if required.

If you plan to use one of our boats you may find it convenient to make a reservation in order that we can have it ready by the waters-edge for you.

‘Stand Up Paddling’ has become immensely popular during recent years and after initial doubts we gave it a try, enjoyed it and decided to offer it to our customers. Due to local sea conditions we find the best time for it is during the morning or evening when it’s generally quite calm. Depending how you feel it can be either relaxing or provide a serious, non-impact, work out. Our boards are from Starboard and have been designed to be readily achievable after a short introduction to the sport. We also have special kids’ paddles available.

A very good way to get on the water and burn energy on the days the wind won’t blow!